Family work !



At Beck-Hartweg, winemaking is a family story since 1590. We keep a small amount of vineyards (11 acres), which allows us to do all the work in family, with no employees. It is very important to us to do most of the work by hand and personnally. It permits us to be everyday in close contact with our wines, our vines, our soils, our terroirs. Thanks to this, we can adapt our way of working and evolute with precise knowledge of all these elements.

Florian Beck Hartweg, born in 1987, works full-time at the estate since 2009. He takes care of the vineyards with a great interrest on living soils and biodiversity. He loves to share his passion, welcoming guests at the cellar. He does most of the administrative work. He is also engaged in the collective life of the viticultural area : Vice President of the “Syndicat des Vignerons Indépendants d’Alsace”, Vice President of the “Université des Grands Vins”, responsible for the Grand Cru Frankstein, between other engagements.

Mathilde lors du pressurage

Mathilde at the pressing

His wife Mathilde loves the manual work in the vineyards. She is doing trials of vegetable growing in the vneyards. In the cellar, she envolves in the making of natural wines, with no sulfites nor other additives. She contributes to our evolution to this direction. She also loves to share her passion by welcoming guests for tastings and by taking part in wine fairs.

Yvette attache une vigne au saule

Yvette ties a vine with willow

Yvette, Florian’s mother, retired since 2010, is still taking part to the writing and shipping of our mailings, as well as some seasonnal works in the vines like the shoot-binding in spring which she appreciates particulary.

Michel sème du trèfle

Michel sows clover

Michel, Florian’s father is retired since 2010 as well. Nothing could make him happier than being in the vineyards doing some manual work! His other passion is the vines-spraying with natural plant extracts which he does himself with plants harvested directly in our vineyards. Thanks to this, our vines stay healthy without need of chemicals.

Aline at work

Aline METZ joined us in 2023. She’s working with us in the vineyards, in the cellar, at the labelling and expeditions and might welcome you for a tasting now and then. She brings us unique knowledge, her love for nature and people, her passion for her work and her good humour and joy.