Granite wines


A granite rock

A majority of our vines are located on the granitic soils surrounding our village. The “Granit de Dambach” is light pink with two mica. The entire mountain above Dambach has this granitic bedrock. It decomposes on the surface to create a sandy and stony soil. It is light, dry and draining. This soil gives elegant wines with a fresh acidity. The decomposition of the bedrock leads to an high quantity of mineral salts solubilized in the water, and are absorbed by the deep roots of our vines. They give the nice crystalline saltiness to the wines.

Hier is a vidéo  from OCK Productions which explains the particularity of our geology :

Sol gréso-volcanique

Volcanic sandstone soil

We also cultivate a vineyard on a loamy soil on a small hill bellow the village, the Blettig, which gives it’s characteristic roundness to the Blettig Cuvée de l’Ours. And two others on a volcanic-sandstone terroir in Nothalten, the Bungertal. It is a steep very light sandy and stony soil where the bedrock outcrops. This solar terroir gives the wine it’s exotic and spicy taste.