TERROIR : Granitic, sandy and stony. Eastern exposed. Three vines on this same terroir compose this wine : Riesling (see here), Pinot Gris (here) and Pinot Noir (there). Click to enlarge the map

HARVEST : 100% manual

VINIFICATION : The grapes are harvested together and put in the pneumatic press without crushing, then the pressing is long and smooth in order to preserve the purity of the aromas. Wild-yeast fermentation during 8 to 10 months in our old oak casks. Unfiltered, no sulfite addition : natural wine. Estate bottled.

WHEN TO DRINK IT? Despite that it’s already agreeable at the moment, it would be great to age it 5 to 7 more years or more to enjoy the purity, the minerality and the complexity.

TASTING NOTES : Floral, elegant, notes of flint. Dry in mouth with a ripe acidity. Crystalline saltiness giving a nice purity and length. Nice granitic mouth-feel.

WHAT TO DRINK IT WITH? Matches very well with oysters, fishes with lemon sauce, crab, snails. Its crystalline texture matches very well with smooth cheeses like goat cheese.

HOW TO SERVE IT? At 10°C. Better when opened an hour before pouring. There can be some natural CO2, please decant if too much. Some lees in the bottles are normal and do not affect the quality of the wine.