Family history

A rich History

famille Beck-Felix Koch-beckhartweg

Félix Beck, Rose Koch and their son Joseph Beck, winemakers in Dambach. Around 1888.

Yvette retraced our history since 1590, with 14 générations! At this time, the Beck’s were already established in Dambach-La-Ville, of course they were all winemakers! Until the 1960’s, they were doing other agricultural productions at the meantime.

In 1956 Florian’s grandparents, Charles et Marie-Louise, started to bottle their own wines to supply private customers looking for high-personality wines. They stopped the other agricultural activities to focus only on winemaking.

In 1982, their girl Yvette takes over the estate. Her first ideas were to produce concentrated wines by reduceing the yields and enhance the life of the soils: she was one of the first in the region to allow grass in the vineyards, in 1982!

In 1997, as biodiversity enthousiast, Michel takes part in the creation of the association “Tyflo”, promoting sustainable viticulture. In practice it is the planting of hedges and trees around the vineyards, the late-mowing of the grass, the restauration of old dry stone walls etc. This permits to establish a good ecosystem for the vines.

As a result, we managed to stop totally the use of chemicals since 2008 : we started our conversion towards organic farming. Our wines are certified organic regarding european standards since 2011.

All this work in the vineyards permits us to obtain ripe, healthy, concentrated grapes. This is the first step tu reduce the use of inputs during winemaking. Florian was one of the founders of the “Vinabio” charta, which regulates the inputs in the winemaking process of the organic wines in Alsace. It drastically reduces the use of sulfites, forbides the other inputs, forbides machine-harvesting and so on. So our wines are certified Vinabio, and now some of them are even “natural”, which means that they are produced with no inputs at all and no filtration.